Lyme Regis & Charmouth by-election

Belinda Bawden
Labour candidate for the West Dorset District Council By-Election 14th September 2017

I moved to Lyme Regis over twenty years ago to be part of this warm, vibrant community and to give my daughters the chance to grow up in this beautiful area. I have worked in local businesses and schools, and now work at the University of Exeter.

I am standing as your Labour councillor to put forward an alternative to the current policies of austerity. With the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour has a clear and coherent alternative. West Dorset needs a Labour voice and I would be honoured to represent Lyme & Charmouth in campaigning for social, economic and environmental justice.

My mother was inspirational in her devotion to the Lyme Regis Town Council and subsequently as volunteer Hon Curator for the Lyme Regis Philpot Museum. My brother has been a Labour Councillor for many years. As my family and caring responsibilities have reduced, I am now able to devote more time to public service and to helping my local community as best I can.

It has been an exciting time in politics since the 2015 general election and particularly because membership of the Labour Party in West Dorset has rapidly increased. People are crying out for change and the Labour Party is offering hope and genuine alternatives to the unsustainable and unjust policies of austerity and cuts we have suffered under Conservative and Coalition governments. More people are becoming engaged in politics at every level and I would be delighted to be a Labour voice on the District Council, representing the people of Lyme Regis and Charmouth to the very best of my ability. I will campaign for more social housing, for better transport provision, for protecting public services and the NHS from further cuts and for the protection of the environment from fracking, pollution and over-industrialisation in areas of natural beauty and scientific interest.

Belinda Bawden

Council Elections 4 May – Our Candidates

Phyllida Culpin – Bridport (Dorset County Council)

Phyllida’s background is in social housing, and until recently she worked in South Somerset. She believes that people deserve the opportunity to achieve the best for themselves and their families. Phyllida lives in Pymore and is committed to supporting Bridport’s economy which means bringing more jobs that pay well to the area, improving public transport so that people can get to college, work, and get out to enjoy themselves, and providing low cost housing. Phyllida uses local shops wherever she can and volunteers on a regular basis for conservation projects. She will Stand Up for the people of Bridport.


Bill Mellish – Bridport (DCC)

Bill Mellish was born in Lewisham, South London. He is a retired senior C.I.D. officer with the Met. having served on the Flying Squad and at New Scotland Yard. He retired after 32 years service and went on to be a governor at a boy’s comprehensive from which he received a long service award for his contribution to education.

Bill grew up on the same council estate as the famous boxer Henry Cooper. Bill’s uncle was Bob Mellish the Labour MP. Since moving to Bridport four years ago he has been an active fund raiser for Cupboard Love and other charities, he enjoys playing golf and skittles locally.


Mark Gage – Beaminster (DCC)

Mark says “The most important things that hold a rural community together and are education and transport. Should you elect me, I will work to give you back your bus services and ensure that they are regular and affordable. I will also work to resist the reintroduction of grammar schools and ensure that the funding for education for all of our children, no matter what their circumstances, is improved. A key part of this will be to refund our youth centres. These are things that the Conservatives working with the Liberal Democrats have taken away from you; voting Labour will return them.”


Joy Everington – Marshwood Vale (DCC)

Joy has been a resident of Marshwood for 35 years.

Supporting publicly-funded:

EDUCATION – NO to new grammar schools
TRANSPORT – Enable the young and elderly to get about
SOCIAL CARE – We may all need it some day
Retired public servant and formerly local Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages.
Upper Marshwood Vale Parish Councillor for 15 years. Currently Secretary & Treasurer of Dorset Federation of Horticultural Societies, supporting member clubs in Dorset & neighbouring counties. Long-standing charity shop volunteer.
“As your County Councillor I would bring my considerable life skills to the complex problems now facing our County”.


Nick Boothroyd – Bridport South Ward (Bridport Town Council)

A professional musician and teacher, Nick made his home in West Dorset over 25 years ago. His children grew up here and attended local schools. Four years ago he moved to Bridport and has since put down deep roots. Nick believes the key issues facing us in Bridport are affordable homes, better jobs and opportunities for our young people, our Health Service and transport links. Nick says “If elected I will defend public services, challenge vested interests and do all I can to make Bridport a better place to live and work”.