Bridport by-elections 22 February

Rose Allwork – Labour Candidate for Dorset County Council

I will be a strong voice for Bridport in the County Council: we need bus links with surrounding villages and the rest of the county and more control over planning decisions to build housing that works for us all.

Bridport is a vibrant, diverse community and I want to see us ready to meet future challenges.

As an early years teacher for over 20 years, I worked in schools and children’s centres in East London. At the same time, I was a visitor to Bridport over many years, spending summers here with my children, and fell in love with the town.

When I moved to Bridport, now over five years ago, I felt instantly welcome and at home here. The strong sense of community and history, the beautiful countryside and the many opportunities to get involved in local activities all make Bridport a wonderful and rewarding place to live.

Years of austerity and the knock-on effects of the housing bubble have however taken their toll on Bridport, often affecting the most vulnerable members of our community.

We live in a thriving town, but low wages and a chronic lack of reasonably priced housing make it hard for young people and families to make a life in Bridport. Cuts to bus routes together with rising fares lead to isolation for people in villages and an increase in car use that is bad for the environment.

Austerity policies have meant cutbacks to our social services, creating a worrying rise in the demand for foodbanks and a growth in homeless people on our streets.

My priorities:

  • Supporting and building a strong and sustainable local economy.
  • Protecting our health service from cuts and privatisation.
  • Creating job opportunities and affordable housing that will enable young people to stay in Bridport.
  • Building a local transport system that links our town and nearby villages with the rest of the county.

Phyllida Culpin – Labour Candidate for West Dorset District Council (Bridport North Ward)

I really value what we have here in Bridport but we are being denied the opportunities and services that we need and deserve because of years of austerity cuts. It’s time that our local services deliver what we want.

I have worked in social housing and community development for many years, including in South Somerset and I am determined to see more decent housing in Bridport.

We need the areas that are key to our local economy: agriculture, tourism, arts, food, etc to be developed with support for new businesses and the creation of decent jobs and training to help our economy to thrive particularly creating opportunities for young people.

If elected, I want to know what you want and need – and I will try my hardest to deliver.  I will hold drop-ins to find out what your concerns are. I already know that housing, the environment and transport including traffic congestion are high up the list.

My current priorities are:

  • Ensuring that the current housing developments deliver affordable housing
  • Getting funding to develop our economy
  • Protecting our environment and getting rid of single use plastic in Bridport
  • Bringing back buses and reducing traffic congestion


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