General Election 8 June


Labour’s manifesto includes these fully costed pledges:

♦ £6 billion a year extra for the NHS
♦ £3 billion a year for schools
♦ Abolition of university tuition fees
♦ Building 100,000 new council houses a year, alongside 100,000 affordable homes
♦ Taking the railways, Royal Mail, and eventually energy companies back into public ownership
♦ Energy price caps
♦ Rent controls
♦ £250bn of investment into national infrastructure
♦ A ban on fracking


General Election FAQs:


Our Labour Candidate for West Dorset – Lee Rhodes

Lee says “I grew up in Tottenham, north London and left school at the age of 17. I worked in various factory jobs until the recession of the early nineties which led to a spell of unemployment. I took this opportunity to re-skill. Office work followed until in 1997 I started working in accountancy. I have worked in this sector ever since, becoming an Accounting Technician.”

“I joined the Labour party in 2010 after the General Election and formation of the coalition government. I have supported many Labour campaigns in the past 7 years. I stood in local elections twice for Labour in the Dorchester West ward, in both 2011 and 2015 when I narrowly missed being elected. I am also a member of the GMB union and a supporter of their role in improving working people’s lives. I feel strongly about social justice and want to see a better, more equal society. I would love to see free, quality adult education made available. This would allow working people to improve their own lives in life long learning.”


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