Letter to Councillor Byatt

Dear Councillor Byatt,

I am writing on behalf of the Bridport and District Labour Party following your resignation from the Labour Party, and now it would seem your intention to vote with the Conservative Party. Taking our information from the press release following your resignation, it would seem that your reasons for doing so are, firstly you have lost faith in Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to lead the Labour Party. Secondly, you say you have lost faith in ‘the direction’ of the Labour Party and you are of the opinion that the Conservatives have ‘ambition and vision’.

We raise these points given that three wards in Weymouth are within the top ten in the West Country for child poverty, and increasing numbers of local workers are subject to zero hour contracts. Of course you will be aware of such matters given you sit on the South West Provincial Council alongside the Leader of the Conservative Party, where you discuss such matters as terms and conditions of workers with I might add, Trade Unions. These facts are compounded by the fact that you also sit on the Economic Growth and Scrutiny Committee, so you must be aware of the ‘direction’ of the Conservative Party which is to undermine the Trade Union Movement, thus allowing the use of short term contacts and zero hour agreements to prosper. A matter of which I am sure the Trade Unions will have expressed their displeasure at any meetings you have attended.

However, given your position that the Conservatives have the ‘vision’ for the future, we must now assume that you are very much in favour of the privatisation and deregulation of the National Health Service. As has been reported in the local press in Bournemouth, a NHS provider has now given the shortage of funds for the NHS as the reason for creating a private medical section to run alongside the NHS provider. The charges as reported are for £40 for a ten minute telephone consultation with a doctor, £80 for twenty minutes and £145 for a forty minute face to face consultation. Here, as a member of the Conservative Party we must now assume you support such a development, and it would be interesting to have your views regarding not only the increasing privatisation of the NHS, but the increasing public funds being allocated to fund such organisations as Virgin Health.

Of course, as with any political party, there are, and always will be divisions and internal struggles. But it goes without saying that we are appalled that you are using the excuse of the leadership of the Labour Party to defect to the Conservatives. In this respect we can only assume you have always been a Tory, and you probably revel in the fact that so many children in Dorset are subjected to not only poverty, but to the demise and destruction of the NHS.

Richard Nicholls.

Chair Bridport and District Labour Party

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