Jo Cox, MP

A message from Jo’s Constituency Party, Batley and Spen. For those who believe MPs are only in it for themselves, maybe this will provide a moment for reflection.

Dear Nick and All Members of Bridport Labour Party,

Thank you for your email of condolences following the death of our MP Jo Cox. We are as expected deeply affected by the loss of our wonderful friend and MP. She was a lovely woman who cared deeply for her family, community and everyone around her.

Jo believed in helping people whether that was in her constituency or the people of Syria, she would tirelessly campaign for what she believed in.  Jo was passionate about Batley & Spen which is why we as a constituency will follow on from Jo’s hard work to ensure that Batley & Spen remains the constituency that Jo wanted it to be.

We are supporting the family as much as we can to ensure that they know how much Jo meant not only to us but to the many others who have sent their condolences. Jo’s legacy will live on through the work of her constituency.

Thank you once again for your support and love during this awful time. We will pass on the letters we receive to the family so that they are aware of the love Jo has received.

Warmest Regards


Craig Looker – CLP Secretary

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