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Your Britain is Labour’s online home of policy development and ideas, where you can take part in our open and democratic policy-making process, Agenda 2020. Whether you’re a Labour Party member or not, we want to hear your ideas on how the next Labour government should tackle the challenges our country faces, and build a more equal and prosperous Britain.

On Your Britain, you can find consultation documents published by Labour’s National Policy Forum and its Policy Commissions, make submissions with your own policy ideas and get feedback from your representatives on the National Policy Forum, and join the discussion by commenting on other people’s ideas.

For more information on how to use Your Britain and help shape Labour policy, click here

Policy-Making Review

Developing a winning policy platform means involving as many people as possible. It requires a policy-making process which is inclusive, open and democratic. We need to reach out to engage members and the wider public in instigating, contributing to and leading the formulation of policy.

Angela Eagle MP is leading this review into how we can best reform the National Policy Forum (NPF) and policy-making process so we can once more earn the right to serve the British people in government.

Defence Policy Review

Emily Thornberry, Shadow Defence Secretary has published her terms of reference for Labour’s defence policy review, asking individual members and local parties to send submissions before 30 April 2016.

Emily points to the changed nature of security threats facing Britain today, and asks “What role should Britain play in building a world that is more peaceful, more just and safer?”

Her key question on Trident is: Will renewal of Britain’s nuclear capability aid us in protecting Britain’s security and pursuing the values that guide our foreign and defence policy?


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