About the Bridport & District Labour Party

Rope makers In Bridport

Welcome to the website of the Bridport & District Branch Labour Party

We are a democratic socialist Labour Party branch looking to involve our members more directly in policy making. We fully support the leadership’s drive for grassroots, bottom-up politics.

We are one of three branches of the West Dorset Constituency Labour Party, the others being Dorchester & District, and Sherborne.

The Bridport branch covers a large area of West Dorset; from Lyme Regis in the West to Maiden Newton, taking in both Beaminster and the Marshwood Vale. We usually hold meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.
New members are always especially welcome.

“Left parties have lost office in Europe because of their inability to articulate an alternative to austerity and cuts. The right offers individualism, a huge and growing wealth gap and a mean and divided society. Socialism is the sharing of wealth, the contribution of ability for the common good, and unity in defending our achievements against attack. It’s also our only hope” – Jeremy Corbyn






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